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Is Titans' Chris Johnson Worth More Than Chiefs' Jamaal Charles?

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We've compared Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles and Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson before and I think most Chiefs fans would choose Charles based on the numbers and, well, loyalty to one of our favorite players.

I would say that, though, that most folks agree that the two players are of similar value, at least if you go by the numbers they've produced the last two seasons. Charles was one of three players that signed a long-term deal in Kansas City last season inking a five-year contract reportedly worth $32.5 million (depending on how you look at the numbers).

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that CJ2K feels he's worth more than that -- a lot more.

Johnson, set to earn just $800,000 in 2011, is preparing for a much more prolonged holdout if need be and remains committed to joining the game's highest-paid running backs, according to those who have been in contact with him. The idea of another "band-aid" deal, after three highly productive seasons, is not appealing to him, and a deal in the range of the $5 million per season extension Jamaal Charles signed with the Kansas City Chiefs last season isn't what he's thinking, either.

The idea of one of the best players on the team holding is out is one of the major reasons I'm very glad Chiefs GM Scott Pioli decided to lock Charles up during the season. I have no clue if Charles is the type of guy that would hold out but I'm certainly happy that we won't have to find that out this year.

Apparently, the Titans will.

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