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Business Calls For Chiefs' Clark Hunt


Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt was expected to be among those in the organization making the trip to Joplin on Thursday to assist in the tornado relief efforts. In fact, he was one of the driving forces behind the decision to go.

He was planning to go down with the group on Thursday...until the Commish called.

Roger Goodell requested that Hunt attend the negotiations between the players and owners in Boston this week. Those meetings concluded on Thursday and will likely pick back up again next week (unless our dreams come true and they strike a deal this weekend, but that's unlikely).

In place of Clark was his wife, Tavia, who led the charge for the Hunt family.

According to the reports out of Joplin, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli noted that the Hunt family is committed to the relief efforts in the months and years to come so there will be more opportunities to assist those in Joplin.

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