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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 6/24

Good morning! If you haven't yet heard that the Kansas City Chiefs were in Joplin yesterday, you will today. There are a lot of unique stories out there this morning and I tried to include them all. We also have the latest game in the Mothership's "10 Games in 10 Days" series. I'm happy to say I was at this one. Great memories. Read on for your Chiefs news.

Cassel traveled to Joplin once already with a few other teammates to help on their own prior to Thursday and he said this is one thing experience doesn’t help you prepare others for.

"You can tell them whatever you want to tell them but the reality really sets in when you come over that hill and you see a 2 by 6 mile radius of just pure destruction; it looks like a nuclear bomb went off," said Cassel. "I’m just happy that we’re down here as an organization, I’m happy that we’re down here as players, and like I said to bring a little bit of joy to a very tough time I’m sure to a lot of these families and a lot of these people."

The Miracle of the Human Spirit from The Mothership

Denver at Kansas City: November 23, 2006

The fifth-largest crowd in Arrowhead Stadium history gathered to witness NFL Network’s first-ever live game broadcast on Thanksgiving Night 2006. For the 79,484 in attendance, the game brought a playoff-like atmosphere to Kansas City.

For years, Founder Lamar Hunt had lobbied for Arrowhead to host a Thanksgiving Day game. It was a holiday contest that both the Texans and Chiefs played throughout the 1960s before Hunt’s upstart American Football League merged with the NFL.

10 Games in 10 Days: Thanksgiving At Arrowhead from The Mothership

They came, 136 people strong, mindful that one day of work would make only the smallest of dents in this town’s still considerable pile of tornado-produced rubble.

But those 136 members of the Chiefs’ organization collected debris Thursday morning and signed autographs for area Chiefs fans in the afternoon in the hope that for one day they brightened an otherwise desperate landscape.

Members of the Chiefs Spend a Day Helping Out in Tornado-Torn Joplin from KC Star

NFL owners and players met for the second straight day in Hull, Mass., 18 miles south of Boston, as they attempt to close in on a collective bargaining agreement.

"The players and owners were here over the last two days," Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday as he stood next to players association chief DeMaurice Smith. "De and I were here for the entire meetings also. And it's complicated and it's complex, but we're working hard and we understand the fans' frustration. But I think both of us feel strongly that we're going to continue to work hard at it."

NFL Owners, Players Meet Again from KC Star

Around the country it’s camping time for NFL players. I speak not of training camp, which hopefully will go off as scheduled at the end of July. And, I am not talking about players pitching tents in the woods and enjoying the great outdoors.

This camping involves afternoons on green fields around the country, providing guidance, expertise and encouragement for young football players from five to 20 years old.

Generally, this is the time of year when players have about a month off before heading to training camp. That makes it the time when a lot of players schedule their own camps, or agree to participate in camps run by other players, schools and charities.

Joplin & Camp Time... Morning Cup O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

The Kansas City Chiefs today announced merchandise sales to further benefit disaster relief efforts in Missouri and Kansas. The team will be selling specially-designed baseball hats, cotton t-shirts and performance t-shirts. All net proceeds from sales will be donated to help victims of the tornados in Missouri and Kansas...

...Supporters interested in purchasing disaster-relief merchandise can now order through the Chiefs Online Pro Shop at or the Chiefs Team Store beginning Friday, July 1.

Chiefs Announce Sale of Merchandise to Benefit Disaster Relief Efforts from The Mothership

Expecting to take over at quarterback this fall for Joplin High School, Isaac Brumfield said he's ready to lead the Eagles.

On Thursday, he and a few teammates received a lesson in leadership and citizenship from some of their heroes.

Members of the varsity football team were among thousands on hand as a handful of Kansas City Chiefs visited the tornado-ravaged town.

K.C. Chiefs Players Aid in Joplin Cleanup from The Argus Leader

The Chiefs, who saw some of the damage during a debris-cleanup effort Thursday morning, spent the afternoon reconnecting with their fans in the parking lot west of Forest Park Baptist Church.

"I thought it was fun because my dad is always working and we finally got to have fun," said Seth Cummins, 9, whose red Chiefs T-shirt was covered with autographs on the back. His father, Brock, is the missions pastor for the church.

Chiefs Arrive to Help Joplin from The Joplin Globe
After being awestruck by the enormousness of the damage, the Chiefs realized the human, emotional toll of the devastation as they sifted through the rubble. Sights like a single tree, ripped of its bark, yet dressed in a tattered shirt hanging from its branches, a metal bed frame embedded in the trunk, and a tribute to a lost loved one drawn into the bark.

"All the guys are walking along and all of a sudden you hear a little squeaky toy or see a doll," Pioli said, choking up as he tried to finish the sentence.

Joplin Tornado Damage Chokes Up Chiefs Who Helped With Clean-Up Efforts from KY3

Ricardo from Kansas City: Do you think this year’s draft will impact the chiefs like last year’s draft? Who will impact the most? Offense and defense.

BW: If the Chiefs get out of this year's draft class what they did last year, and then this team is going to be in fine shape.

Chat Wrap: Chiefs' Rookie Class from ESPN

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