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Looking At Kansas City Chiefs 'In-Limbo' Free Agents

Back in February and March we talked about the Kansas City Chiefs free agents and what they would do with each player. At the time, we were operating under the assumption that the 2010 rules, which was six or more years of time for unrestricted free agency, would apply in 2011.

With the report from ESPN's Chris Mortensen, we're now operating under the assumption that the threshold for unrestricted free agency will move back to pre-2010 rules, which was four years or more for unrestricted free agency.

This changes things for a few of the Chiefs "in-limbo" guys -- those that were fourth or fifth year players (basically pre-2008) and whose free agency status has been unclear.

Here are those in-limbo guys that will be unrestricted free agents if Mort's report is accurate: FB Tim Castille, OT Ryan O'Callaghan, LB Corey Mays, TE Leonard Pope, C Rudy Niswangerand QB Brodie Croyle.    

Before the draft, I said the Chiefs should keep Pope, Battle, Niswanger and Croyle. Looking back it now, I'd remove Croyle from the keep list -- QB Ricky Stanzi makes that an easier decision -- and I would keep O'Callaghan. If the Chiefs had selected a tackle and not a quarterback in the draft, my list would probably change.

Of these in-limbo guys, which ones are you trying to keep?

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