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Details On Proposed CBA Between Owners, Players

We've talked a little bit about the report from ESPN's Chris Mortensen detailing the latest in the proposal for a new CBA. Not all of these items will necessarily make it into the next CBA, but they're on the table now.

Here's a round-up of the big changes Mort's report touched on:

-Players would receive 48 percent of all the revenue. Previously, they were getting about 53 percent (which is not to be confused with the 60 percent they received after $1 billion was taken off the top).

-The free agency threshold moves back to four years, which is where it was for 15 years before 2010. This means more free agents.

-The league could bring out a 16-game Thursday night schedule by 2012. It wouldn't necessarily be on NFL Network, either (and the Time Warner fans say, YES!).

-18-game season talk can not be unilaterally implemented by the league. This would be a negotiated item and isn't mandated at any time.

-Some sort of rookie wage scale will be included. Mort says it's still being "tweaked" but however it turns it out, it'll mean less money for the rookies at the top of the draft.

-Improved benefits for retired players.

-Teams must spend close to the full salary cap amount. This is salary cap numbers -- not cash. 

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