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Looking At Chris Chambers' Future With The Kansas City Chiefs

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What to make of Kansas City Chiefs WR Chris Chambers

He came to the Chiefs in the middle of 2009 and quickly established himself as the best receiver on the team as WR Dwayne Bowe floundered. By 2010, folks were expecting big things from Chambers but it was Bowe who broke out and took the title of the Chiefs best receiver. 

Chambers' 2010 season was disappointing, to say the least. Even the Chiefs official website said 2010 was an "obvious disappointment" for Chambers. No one is arguing that. He'll be 31 years old by the time the 2011 season starts and reading the tea leaves it's fair to wonder whether Chambers will be back in 2011.

Adam Caplan of confirmed that Chambers signed a three-year deal in March of 2010 and all $5.9 million of his guaranteed money was paid in 2010. That means that Chambers, who is due $2.9 million in salary and a $500,000 bonus in 2011, can be cut without costing the Chiefs anything (assuming Caplan's report is accurate, of course).

Even without the ability to easily release him, I'm not sure where Chambers would fit. After his 2010 season, Bowe is clearly the No. 1 receiver. And with the drafting of WR Jonathan Baldwin, it would appear that the No. 2 job won't be available for long.

My guess? Chambers isn't coming back in 2011, but we'll find that out for sure once the NFL lockout is lifted.

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