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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 6/22

Good morning! Today's Kansas City Chiefs news starts out with the latest in The Mothership's series of 10 Games in 10 Days. It's been great so far and that continues this morning. Enjoy.

Atlanta at Kansas City: October 24, 2004

The Atlanta Falcons brought the NFL’s top-ranked rushing defense into Arrowhead, allowing a paltry 74.5 yards a game. Against the Chiefs, they’d allow over 3.5 times that average – probably not the result Falcons All-Pro LB Keith Brooking was predicting during his animated pre-game speech.

10 Games in 10 Days: The Octuple from The Mothership

If rumors are correct that the rules will return to normal, then unrestricted free agency would be available after four seasons in the league. A player with three years experience would be a restricted free agent and players with less than three years would be exclusive rights free agents. Reportedly the franchise player designation will be continued and supposedly there are new rules out there that are being negotiated involving the free agency process.

When the NFL went to the lockout, the Chiefs had 24 players in their orbit without deals for the coming season. Under the old rules, here’s how they would break down:

If Old Rules Apply... Morning Cup O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Then federal appeals Judge Kermit Bye uttered the words that gave the owners their biggest scare since players won the right to free agency almost 20 years ago.

"We will keep with our business," Bye told owners and players alike earlier this month, "and if that ends up with a decision, it's probably something both sides aren't going to like."

What a coincidence. After all those months of bluster and posturing, of insisting it was impossible to find agreement on an equitable split of $9 billion - something most fans could have managed over a pizza and a case of beer - there's been so much progress these last three weeks it seems the question is not if a deal gets done, but when.

Mounting Bills Give NFL Owners Incentive to Deal from KC Star

As a Pro Bowl safety for the Chiefs in the 1980s, Deron Cherry survived two player strikes and always saw labor issues from a very distinct point of view.

"I thought then it was about the players," he said. "When I was a player, I always said, ‘The players are the game.’ "

That view has shifted some now that Cherry is a business owner, running a local beer distributorship, and has a minority stake in the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

Former Chief Deron Cherry Understands Both Sides of NFL Labor Dispute from KC Star

There was no vote taken by the owners and there’s a very good chance to when some of them return home and start crunching the numbers they will find reasons to be unhappy. But from media reports coming out of Chicago and the meeting, these are some of the details of the new deal between the league and its players:

Owners Hear the Deal from Bob Gretz

By now, you have probably heard or read the rumor that the Kansas City Chiefs might, maybe, possibly be thinking of letting go of guard Brian Waters. Despite the fact Waters is still considered one of football’s elite offensive lineman. Despite the fact in 2010 Waters made his 4th Pro Bowl in the last 6 years. Despite Waters being a big part of the team that led the NFL  in rushing last year. So how has the rumor grown any legs?

Rising Waters Rumor Could Mean Change of Guard in KC from Football News Now

I don’t have anything against the 3-4 defense. Obviously, the 3-4 is what defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel runs and is comfortable with. The Chiefs have been drafting for a 3-4 defense for three years now. There is no chance that they team will suddenly decide to change course and start running a 4-3. Certainly not after they saw so much defensive improvement in 2010.

Still, I can’t help wondering what would happen if they did.

Should the Kansas City Chiefs Be Running a 4-3 Defense? from Arrowhead Addict

It may not have been readily apparent to the youngsters in attendance at the 14th edition of the Elco Youth Football Camp, but whether they knew it or not, they had quite a bit in common with the two burly young men standing before them.

Because, once upon a time, Kansas City Chiefs fullback Mike Cox and his younger brother and fellow former Georgia Tech blocking back Luke were them.

Brotherly Advice from The Lebanon Daily News

It’s now time for the mayors of these towns to speak up and for the citizens to make some noise. Unfortunately, there continues to be a belief among many who might be affected that the owners and players will work it out.

"We’re not too worried, actually," said Bob Bledsoe, who owns a sports bar in St. Joseph, Mo., where the Kansas City Chiefs train. "Last year was exciting. It was a lot of fun, and we would miss that. But we’re pretty confident that the NFL and players will work it out."

Cities Hosting NFL Training Camps Could be Sacked First from Business Insider

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry, taken No. 5, was an instant star and he made the Pro Bowl after being a leader on a defense that keyed an unlikely division title. Oakland Raiders middle linebacker Rolando McClain was a big part of the defense and he looks like he has a bright future...

...Make your pick. Which of these five players do you expect to have the best NFL career? Give your reason in the comment section below. We will review the results Wednesday.

Poll: 2010 First-Round Class from ESPN

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