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Chiefs' Eric Berry On When He Started To Get Comfortable

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So when did things start to click for Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry in his first year in the NFL?

Speaking to, Berry identified the Jacksonville Jaguars game last year as the time in which he started to come into his own.

"When we played the Jaguars," Berry said. "I just felt like I came into my own and got more comfortable. I don't know, but it was like something clicked in the middle of the game. I think I had a pick, forced fumble, ten tackles and three P.B.U's."

I remember that 42-20 victory well. Berry had a heck of a game and was even nominated for NFL rookie of the week. Following that game, he was also mentioned in our "Five Good Stats" postgame story. To refresh your memory, here's what Chris wrote on him that day:

I cringed too when I saw Eric Berry get beat a few times yesterday but the reality I don't have to fight hard to reveal is that Berry had a pretty damn good game yesterday. In addition to his first NFL INT, Berry also had three tackles, two QB hurries and three pass deflections. One of his pass deflections was a very athletic move to knock down a short Jags pass with his right hand. 

Berry played a TON his rookie year so he was truly thrown right into the fire. Considering it was his first year, I'd say he didn't do too bad at all.

Check out the his full comments at, which includes lots of UT talk.

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