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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli At NFL Owners Meetings, Too

The NFL owners meetings in Chicago include each team's owner as well as another team executive. We weren't sure who the team executive from the Chiefs would go with Clark Hunt but various reporters are now writing via Twitter that GM Scott Pioli has been spotted at the meeting in Chicago.

Pioli is among a number of executives in the house which makes you wonder what these meetings will entail (besides giving the Chiefs GM a different workout venue).

With all the football people like Pioli in the house will the group be discussing the commencement of the league year, like free agency? If a deal is as close as some say it is -- perhaps by July -- then details like how to start the league back up will be critical.

I'd cautiously say the presence of these football guys is a good sign.

C'mon, Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli. Push this thing to a resolution and help bring football back. I can only do so many stories on things people don't really care about.

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