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NFL Lockout Continues As Clark Hunt, Owners Meet


Kansas City Chiefs' Clark Hunt and the rest of the NFL's owners are meeting in Chicago today discussing the status of the negotiations with the players. The NFL lockout remains in effect but hopefully Tuesday's owners meeting will help continue the two sides along the right path.

Hunt is on the league's labor committee so he met with a handful of other owners on Monday in order to prepare for Tuesday's meetings (meetings to prepare for meetings...I'm glad I don't work in the corporate world).

NFL lawyer Jeff Pash told NFL Network that Tuesday's meetings will provide updates to the rest of the owners.

"We're giving the clubs a briefing on the status of the labor discussions," Pash said. "And we'll allow them to ask any questions, give them a legal update on the status of the various court actions, and just make sure they fully understand everything that's happened over the last month and make sure they're fully informed as we proceed through the end of this month and into July."

They'll likely provide some details of what they've been talking about and certain owners will hate it while others will love it. It'll be up to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to build a consensus between all the owners.

Blogging about meetings is very, very boring so let's hope for the two sides to make progress, strike a deal quickly and start talking about free agency.

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