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Chiefs Assistant Coach Thinks Highly Of Todd Haley, Jim Zorn

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A couple years ago the Kansas City Chiefs hired an assistant coach named Nick Sirianni. It was a fairly unceremonious hiring and not many people even realized he was hired.

But two years later and there was Sirianni's name being floated as a possible offensive coordinator candidate for the Chiefs. Whether he was a legitimate candidate or not, we don't know (some people say not). But that his name was even being mentioned was indicative of his rise in the NFL coaching ranks.

In talking to Josh Looney of last week, Sirianni explained that his success can be attributed to being around other successful coaches, and he also showed us how highly he thinks of the Chiefs current staff.

"I've been so fortunate, so blessed to be around guys like coach Haley and coach Zorn," Sirianni said. "These are the best guys in the business. If you ask anybody on any staff, who's the best receiver's coach in the NFL -- or in the world, it's the world, because we're in the best league in the world -- and if you asked anyone who's the best quarterbacks coach in the world, they're going to say Jim Zorn."

Some high praise to say the least.

Then again, what else are you supposed to say about your bosses?

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