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NFL Lockout: Owners Meetings Starting Tuesday

The prevailing sentiment among those-in-the-know around the NFL say a new labor deal could be done as soon as the end of this month, or early in the next. I've heard that's the case and I'm hoping those-in-the-know are right and we're looking through a new CBA in a few weeks.

One step in that process to a new CBA will be a meeting on Tuesday in Chicago. That's when the league will hold an ownership meeting, a meeting which could spill into Wednesday, according to reports.

It's believed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will explain to the owners the basic framework of a new deal and allow any of the owners to speak for or against the issues. Of course, this doesn't mean a deal is done. It does mean though that the two sides have made some progress in recent weeks and there's more to be discussed.

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has been involved in the last couple rounds of talks so I would think he has a decent handle on what's being discussed with the players. The rest of the owners will get a chance to take a closer look at what these sides have been talking about, and what they agree or disagree with.

So we'll have some more NFL lockout stories floating around on Tuesday and Wednesday stemming from the owners meetings and hopefully it's not long after that until we hear the news that the CBA is done.

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