Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Arrowhead Pride Edition

From the FanPosts -Joel

You will be given three lifelines, "Phone A Friend" where you can phone anybody you want for an answer, "Ask the audiences" where you can ask many people as you want on particular question, and "Cheat on the Internet" where you can look up any answer that you want. This is just for fun, there is no real cash or prizes handed out for playing and/or getting all 20 questions right, and you will be refereeing yourself to make sure you don't cheat (It's an honor thing.). Just something to do during the lockout, so post your answers below and have fun.

For the poll, vote by how many questions you got correct before missing your first question. Example: If you get the first 1 right, but miss the second you would vote for option 2 since you only won imaginary $10.

Note: Will have the correct answers posted below. Please do not cheat. Will be on later on tomorrow to go further into depth about each question/answer.

$10. Who is the only head coach in Texans/Chiefs history to be fired with-in the season?

A) Marv Levy B) Paul Wiggin

C) Frank Gansz Sr. D) John Mackovic

$25. Who did the Chiefs trade their first round pick in 2001 for?

A) Trent Green B) Eddie Kennsion

C) Priest Holmes D) Dick Vermeil

$50. Who are the two longest tenured players in Texans/Chiefs history?

A) Len Dawson/Emmitt Thomas B) Len Dawson/John Alt

C) Mike Livingston/Brian Waters D) Len Dawson/Will Shields

$100. The Texans/Chiefs traded away this player for the number 1 overall pick which they used to draft this player...

A) Todd Blackledge/Neil Smith B) Abner Haynes/Gale Sayers

C) Cotton Davidson/Buck Buchanan D) Cotton Davidson/Don Meredith

$200. Who is the Texans/Chiefs all-time leader in touchdowns for a career?

A) Tony Gonzalez B) Abner Haynes

C) Larry Johnson D) Priest Holmes

$300. Who was the first general manager of the franchise?

A) Dan Rossi B) Bob Halford

C) Bobby Yarborough D) Jack Steadman

$400. Who was the offensive coordinator during John Mackovic's last year as head coach?

A) John Mackovic never had one. B) Homer Smith

C) Frank Gansz Sr. D) George Sefcik

$500. Who was the Texans/Chiefs first ever selection in the NFL Draft?

A) Don Meredith B) Sid Smith

C) Gene Trosch D) E.J. Holub

$1,000. Who was the first coach to hold the title of offensive coordinator in team history?

A) Bill Walsh B) Chet Franklin

C) John Mackovic D) Bob Schnelker

$2,000. Who are the longest tentured head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and special teams coach are team history?

A) Hank Stram, Al Saunders, Gunther Cunningham, and Frank Gansz Jr.

B) Marty Schottenheimer, Al Saunders, Rod Rust, Frank Gansz Sr.

C) Hank Stram, Paul Hackett, Gunther Cunningham and Rod Rust, Kurt Schottenheimer

D) Hank Stram, Al Saunders and Paul Hackett, Gunther Cunningham, Mike Stock

$4,000. Which non-runningback/fullback/halfback has the most rushing yards during his career with the Texans/Chiefs?

A) Mike Livingston B) Johnny Robinson

C) Otis Taylor D) Len Dawson

$8,000. Who was the first Head Coach-Defensive Coordinator tandem to run the 3-4 as their base defense in Dallas/Kansas City?

A) Paul Wiggin/Tom Bettis B) Marv Levy/Rod Rust

C) John Mackovic/Bud Carson D) Marty Schottenheimer/Bill Cowher

$16,000. Who has the best winning percentage of Texans/Chiefs starting quarterbacks of all-time?

A) Joe Montana B) Steve Deberg

C) Len Dawson D) Rich Gannon

$25,000. Who was the first coach to hold the title of defensive coordinator in team history?

A) Tom Bettis B) Ed Hughes

C) Tom Catlin D) Vince Costello

$50,000. Which quarterback started the first game of the strike-season of 1987?

A) Doug Hudson B) Frank Seurer

C) Todd Blackledge D) Matt Stevens

$125,000. Who was the first coach to hold the title of special teams coach in team history?

A) Don Lawrence B) Tommy O'Boyle

C) Steve Ortmayer D) Bobby Ross

$250,000. As of 2009, which NCAA school(s) has produced the most player that has suited up for the Texans/Chiefs?

A) UCLA Bruins B) Texas Longhorns

C) LSU Tigers D) Penn State Nitty Lions and Notre Dame Fighting Irish

$500,000. Who was the first coach to hold the title of assistant head coach in team history?

A) Frank Gansz Sr. B) Willie Shaw

C) Dave Adolph D) Al Saunders

$750,000. How many players wore the #58 jersey before Derrick Thomas?

A) 5 B) 6

C) 7 D) 8

$1,000,000. To date, how many quarterbacks have started for team throughout the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs' entire history?

A) 26 B) 27

C) 28 D) 29

CORRECT ANSWERS: ($10. B, $25. A, $50. D, $100. C, $200. D, $300. A, $400. A, $500. C, $1000. B, $2000. D, $4000. D, $8000. B, $16000. A, $25000. D, $50000. C, $125000. C, $250000. B, $500000. A, $750000. B, $1000000. D)

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