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Chiefs' Special Teams Unit Not Getting 'Too Big For Their Britches'

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If Kansas City Chiefs special teams coach Steve Hoffman talked more often, I think we'd find him entertaining. Hoffman talked to Josh Looney in this week's latest "Coach's Corner" at Here's the full video.

Hoffman talked about the specialists -- Ryan Succop, Dustin Colquitt and Thomas Gafford -- and what he likes about that group.

"They can be characters but it's fun that way because they do get along, they are such self-motivated guys, they work hard together, they push each other and they help each other at the same time, they support each other.

"What I like about all three of them is that, I think the number one thing that those particular specialists need, is that they need to be humble. They know they can always be better, they can always kick it a little bit better, a little further or a little higher, they can always snap it better or cover better or protect better. They don't get too big for their britches."

Special teamers need to be the most humble because many of them can be playing for their job week in and week out. It's a huge deal to change quarterbacks but it's not so big of a deal to swap out a kicker or a punter in a given week.

The Chiefs have draft picks invested in both K Ryan Succop and P Dustin Colquitt -- and both are pretty good players -- so I don't think they're in the same category as other specialists but they need to be on their toes. 

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