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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

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Another Friday and a lot of news this week.  I actually had trouble trying to decide the top five stories this week.  There was a lot to go over.  I'm not sure if I should be excited of that or not.  Let's just hope that we get to talking football soon and stop all this lockout business.

If you want to follow me after the jump we can talk about Jamaal Charles, lives being saved, Joplin relief, and adult events.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Chiefs workouts in Kansas City!  There are also some amazing fanposts and fanshots that you might have missed.  Let's go!

Five Biggest Stories Of The Week

1. Chiefs’ Leonard Pope Saves Six-Year Old Boy From Drowning

This story is something that football fans talk about for years.  We will never forget Pope for the life that he has saved.  There is a lot of good going on in this world and I'm glad that Pope is a Chief.  He is a part of the right 53 and will make the team this year.

2. Chiefs Players Start Three Days of Workouts in Kansas City

Woohoo!  I'm glad we are starting some workouts.  I am glad that Cassel is showing more leadership and our team is coming together.  I just hope with these little mini camps there are no injuries.  Actually, I hope there are no injuries to anyone ever.  I have a good feeling with everything going on that this lockout will end soon--I hope.

3. Should Jamaal Charles Be In The Discussion?

This story created a lot of debate and drama this week.  I left a lot of comments that were more like novels giving my opinion on the issue.  I think that Jamaal Charles is a top 3 back in the league.  There are others obviously that don't agree but that is why I love debate.  I'll re-state what I put in one of my comments.

Charles touched the ball 275 times: 230 runs and 45 balls caught
Yards: 1935 for 7.0 Yards PER touch

Foster touched the ball 393 times: 327 runs and 66 balls caught
Yards: 2220 for 5.65 yards PER touch

Crazy isn't it?

4. Chiefs Players, Employees Will Meet Again In Joplin Next week

I think that we get lost in all the lockout talk to take the time and look at the good our organization is doing.  Still after a bit of time is passed we still care and help out.  We need more good stories like this and Popes'.

5. Agent: Eric Berry Had No Involvement In Porn Party Event

I have mixed feelings about this topic.  I'm not sure why or even how our players name even came up.  There is speculation but what really happened?  Private life is private life but being any type of celebrity takes work.  Let's hope we don't have a stupid scandal on our hands.

In Case You Missed It...

1. Chiefs New OC Bill Muir Wants Lineman Hostile, Mobile, and Agile

This is a great post by our very own Aiken_Drum.  I also agree that Muir is the right guy for the job.  I'm pretty sure our offense is going to be scary this year.  I'm not talking about the 2008 scary.  I'm talking about the 2003 scary.

2. Chiefs’ Tamba Hali Ranked Too Low On Top-Pass Rushers List

This was actually posted pretty recent.  I only bring it up because there has been a lot going on the front page and there was a lot to keep up with.  Hali is a top five pass rusher in my book.  He is probably the player that gets held the most too.

Fanpost of The Week

Kansas City: A SoCal Resident’s Impression by SoCalChief17

Everyone remembers their first visit to Arrowhead!  I will remember mine once I finally get to go.  One of the best fanposts in a while with lots of great pictures.  Thanks for sharing SoCal!

Fanshot of The Week

A New Chiefs Fan by Gordon0311

A baby boy was introduced to this world and the Chiefs.  What could be better?

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