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Chiefs Player Rep Rudy Niswanger Tells Teammates To Be Ready

The message from the Kansas City Chiefs player advisors to the rest of the players during the NFL lockout?

Be ready.

Chiefs offensive lineman Rudy Niswanger is active in the organization formerly known as the NFLPA and has been a vehicle for delivering information to the rest of his teammates during the NFL lockout. He said after the Chiefs player-run practice on Thursday that the most important message he's been sending to the rest of the players is to be prepared to go at any moment.
"Always be ready," Niswanger said. "We dont know if something will happen a day from now or six months from now so be ready and be prepared because your body's your business and you gotta to be ready to use it."

Niswanger didn't discuss any specifics of the NFL lockout negotiations but did note that "any time the two sides are talking face to face, and working out issues, it's a good thing."

"I believe as players we're generally always optimistic," he said. "It's just the nature of the business. Whether yo have a good game or a bad game, you move on and work to play better and expect good things to happen. So it's no different in this situation."

By the way, the new nickname for Niswanger might be "The Mayor." Chiefs LB Andy Studebaker saw Niswanger holding court with the media on Thursday and said, "Look at the mayor over there keeping everyone informed."

Let's hope The Mayor and the rest of the players can get something done so we can get back to our normal football lives. 

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