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A Cool Trent Green Story

Getty Images for GQ

We've got a very cool story involving former Kansas City Chiefs QB Trent Green.

Someone emailed Jimmy Traina, who runs Hot Clicks for, and told a story about how a few years ago he was in the hospital not doing very well as he awaited a heart transplant. Green came to the hospital and visited with him, talking about the NFL draft and things like that.

Not long after that, the email posted at reads, he received the heart transplant he had been waiting on. He also became engaged to his girlfriend. From the email posted at

"My girlfriend became my fiancee in the meantime and we invited Trent to the wedding, mostly as a way of saying "Hey, I didn't die" and thanks for coming to talk with a huge Chiefs fan. One month later, I was stunned to find a gift card for a hefty amount to one of the stores my wife and I registered, along with a nice card from he and his wife. Trent Green is the man."

How cool is that?

I imagine there are quite a few stories like this that never make their way to the public.

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