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No Updates On Deadline For Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp

Last week we wondered what would come of the Kansas City Chiefs training camp at Missouri Western State University with the NFL lockout still intact. I noted that we had received a few emails from readers wondering what the plan for camp was if the lockout continued into July or August.

The KC Star's Brady McCollough reports that folks in St. Joe aren't "freaking out" at this point but it is on their minds. The two sides met last week and are "proceeding with shared optimism", according to his story at The Star (which you can read here).

Ultimately, though, we want to know what the deadline is in order to have a full camp. We reported last week that the Chiefs were still planning everything as normal at this point and we don't know of any deadline to cancel camp, or of any plans to move camp back to Kansas City.

In Minnesota, though, there is a deadline -- July 18th. Vikings officials told Minnesota State University, site of their training camp, that they would notify them of their training camp plans by that date. I would guess the Chiefs have, or will have, a similar deadline, though they haven't said that's the case. July 18th would be less than two weeks before the Chiefs would start camp in a normal year.

Ideally, though, the two sides reach an agreement to end the NFL lockout by or around the Fourth of July and a training camp deadline becomes a moot point.

(H/T Arrowheadlines)

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