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Brandon Flowers' Response To Exxxotica Expo Party

By now most Kansas City Chiefs fans know that two players -- S Eric Berry and CB Brandon Flowers -- were used in a promotional ad for a porn event called Exxxotica Expo 2011 back in May. Berry's camp quickly came out and said he had no knowledge of any such party, did not promote it and did not attend.

And now we hear from Flowers, who issued a statement to Pro Football Talk.

"My name and likeness was utilized by the promoters of a party at Club Play in Miami, Florida on May 20th. I gave no authorization to any person to use my name or likeness in conjunction with this event.

"It was brought to my attention that the promoters at this club were planning to utilize my name and likeness. I immediately contacted the appropriate parties at the club and told them they had no authority to use my name or likeness and they should remove me from any promotional materials.

"I will pursue any remedies I may possess against the parties responsible for the unauthorized use of my name and likeness. I would like to let the Kansas City Chiefs organization, my teammates, our fans, my family and friends know that I would never associate my name and likeness with the type of party held on that day."

Berry was in Kansas City when this event went down. Flowers retweeted several messages with a link to the promotional flier in question and mentioned he was going to the party several times on his Twitter account. 

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