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Your Daily NFL Lockout News Roundup

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I'm starting to get that feeling back about football. You know that excitement, the anxiousness and the generally good feeling when something is about to happen like free agency or the NFL draft? That's what I'm starting to feel.

That's because, according to the various reports around the league, the owners and players are making legitimate progress on a new labor agreement that would end the NFL lockout. Mike Freeman of reported Tuesday night that a new deal was 80-85 percent of the way done and Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports cited a source who said those numbers sound right.

So it sounds like A.) they're getting closer and B.) it has a CHANCE of being done in the next few weeks. Whenever it is, it appears there could be an end in sight, which we haven't experienced yet. The two sides are getting along, according to reports, and there's legitimate interest in securing a new deal before the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruins the party and drops their ruling.

If this deal can get done in the next few weeks, then it's possible we'll see a couple weeks of veteran free agency (and undrafted free agents) in July as we move into training camp in late July and early August.

Here's to a bunch of guys in business suits agreeing on how to split up $9 billion....

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