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NFL Lockout: Keep The Good News Coming

We've seen a string of positive reports regarding the NFL lockout in the last week and the good news continues to roll in. Mike Freeman of reports that the discussions between the NFL players and owners, which continue this week, are 80-85 percent of the way done.

One source with intimate knowledge of the discussions tells me negotiations are 80-85 percent complete. They've made such fast progress, I'm told, it's catching many of the principals by surprise. Some are now canceling vacations, believing an agreement will be reached within a matter of days.

Sweet. Can't complain about that. Freeman also reports that the tone of the talks has changed dramatically where players and owners are now -- gasp! -- smiling. It sounds like legitimate negotiations are going down, which is what we've been waiting for.

The money quote, in my opinion, comes from a source Freeman cites: "It's going to be very difficult for this to get screwed up."

Please let that be true. 

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