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Chiefs Make Appearance On 10 Most Disappointing Playoff Teams List

Whether we like it or not, large media outlets like ESPN tend to drive sports discussions across the country so I'm giving you a heads up on one story that many Kansas City Chiefs fans simply won't want to read.

The guys at Football Outsiders, writing on, have taken a look at the history of the top 10 most disappointing playoff teams and you know how we handle the word p-word in Kansas City.

What makes a playoff loss a truly epic disappointment? The losing team must have looked unbeatable, with a gaudy record, a Super Bowl pedigree or a roster full of well-hyped superstars. It must be a one-and-done postseason experience; the 1998 Minnesota Vikings disappointed many fans by losing the NFC Championship Game in overtime after a 15-1 season, but at least they got that far. This list contains a mix of narrow defeats and spectacular beatdowns, games that can stick in fans' craws for a generation.

After years of playoff misery in Kansas City, you know we're on this list. Actually, we're on the list twice.

The 1995 and 1997 teams, both of whom went 13-3 and lost in their first playoff game, are ranked number freakin' one.


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