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Leonard Pope Tells His Story To NFL Network


It's the headline heard 'round Kansas City and the rest of the sports pages around the country: Chiefs TE Leonard Pope saves young boy drowning. The Americus Times-Recorder reported the news on Monday evening and within a few hours Pope was on NFL Network telling the story of saving six-year old Bryson Moore. 

Pope told the story of how he heard Anne Moore scream that her son, Bryson, was flailing in the pool and Pope said he didn't think twice about running outside and jumping into the pool to save him, even if everything in his wallet, including his cell phone and wallet, got wet.

"When you hear that motherly voice you know it's something serious, when they're screaming. You know it's serious. She was screaming, 'He's drowning,' and I didn't drop anything, I just went in and handed him back to his Mom.

Pope's appearance on NFL Network Monday night included a surprise guest -- Anne Moore. 

"I was so frantic and in a hurry to leave I didn't get a chance to meet with you but I just wanted to say that I owe you everything because you would have made my world so much different that next morning if you weren't there when I needed you," Moore said on NFLN's Total Access. "It seems as though everyone was in shock, or couldn't move, and you didn't hesitate. I'm sorry everything got destroyed and wet but I just owe you everything. I would like to see you one day and personally thank you. I wouldn't have anything if you hadn't been there."

By the way, the NFL Network host noted that Pope was back in Kansas City when the interview went down Monday night.

It's Game Time.

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