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Count A Chiefs Rookie Among Those Coming To Kansas City

And now for our third story on what we think is happening in Kansas City this week.

First, we noted that a few Kansas City Chiefs players were saying on Twitter that they were headed to Kansas City. Eric Berry said several weeks ago that, if the NFL lockout wasn't solved, they would likely get together for workouts in early June.

Second, we came up with a list of multiple players that said they were coming to KC so it seems to be more than a coincidence.

Third, it now appears that the workouts -- or whatever is going on in Kansas City that's bringing multiple players to town -- will include at least one rookie. Jalil Brown, Chiefs fourth round pick, confirmed via Twitter that he's headed to KC to "get some work in". 

Hopefully more rookies are coming. It remains to be seen whether player-only workouts will result in actual progress but it certainly can't hurt (assuming no players, you know, get hurt).

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