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Something Is Going On In Kansas City This Week

So..what's going on in Kansas City this week?

We noted that several players said via Twitter that they're heading to KC this weekend. We rounded up a few of the Twitter messages posted by the players.

Glenn Dorsey: Dear Kansas City I love you 

Donald Washington: I've missed being in KC...feels good being back

Anthony Toribio: Next stop KC! I'm going straight to Oklahoma Joes!

Wallace Gilberry: I hope delta got my ipad in that lost and found

Brandon Flowers: Bout to hop n this shower b4 I get on this plane head to's been 6 months since iv been back

Even Shaun Smith wrote via Twitter that he's getting on a flight this afternoon. No word yet whether that flight is headed to KC but I know a few fans who wouldn't be disappointed if it were.

Now the race is on to find out where they're working out, if that's indeed what they're doing in Kansas City.

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