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With NBA Finals Over, It's Time To Focus On Football

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The NBA Finals are officially over with the Dallas Mavericks defeating the Miami Heat (and the Big Three!) last night. I'm not much of an NBA fan but I am an NBA Finals fan so I watched every game and legitimately enjoyed. (Unrelated: Check out Andrew Sharp's feature on the Finals at Excellent writing.)

Part of the reason I watched the Finals were that my options were limited. The NFL is locked out and there's not much going on in the football world. Truthfully, even without the NFL lockout, I'd probably be watching the Finals anyway since we'd be in the doldrums of the NFL offseason anyway.

But now that the last big basketball event is over, and we're facing a summer of -- gasp! -- baseball, my need for some football has increased. There's nothing out there this summer to take my mind off the NFL so my desperation levels are rising. 

The good news is that there's at least some optimism in the air regarding the future of football. A new agreement between the owners and players isn't imminent but the situation doesn't seem as dire as it once was.

The two sides are talking. Progress is being made. We think they recognize the damage being done.

Let's just get something done.

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