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Top 10 Kansas City Chiefs.

As a somewhat delusional Kansas City Chiefs homer, I often make bold predictions, such as the Chiefs winning it all last year. Joel Thorman recently did a story on How To Get Your FanPost Rec'd And Promoted, and in the post Joel said something that was interesting to me:

The Kool Aid Drinker's Manifesto by KCPorkchop

Porkchop's post is a great example of rising up with a positive, intelligent post in a sea of negativity. Frankly, the straight up irrational homers annoy me, which is why Porkchop's "homerish" post hit home for me. The post was right before the Chiefs' loss to the Jaguars and still managed to get major recs.

It was very well written and very logical and reasonable in its analysis. Again, just great writing. Stuff you want to keep reading.

"Frankly, the straight up irrational homers annoy me."

With the name Chief-Blinders-On, it is very obvious that I am a Chiefs Homer.  Am I irrational? Why yes, yes I am. Though I feel that when I write my posts, I use solid points for why I believe that the Chiefs can be such an outstanding football team.  In my mind, the Chiefs did have an honest to goodness shot at winning the Super Bowl last season. I went as far as trying to prove why in two posts based on the history of the Super Bowl.

This season is no different. While the Chiefs have a very difficult schedule.  They also have in my opinion, one of the most talented rosters in the NFL, and also have a realistic shot at winning the Super Bowl if there is a season. So while I am irrational, I attempt (sometimes in futility) to make my point in the most understandable ways that I can.

This week again, I am going to talk about how the Chiefs are among the best in the NFL in terms of talent. We are going to look at the Top 10 Kansas City Chiefs.  One thing for you to consider when reading this list, is just how difficult it is to rank these guys, and just who to leave off.  That is a tremendous indication of the talent level on your football team, if you try and list the 10 best players and have trouble leaving five or more Chiefs off. So let's take a look at this list, and then you can flame me, tell me how big my blinders are, or inevitably tell me how wrong the order is.

So without further ado, your Top 10 Kansas City Chiefs, in the eyes of an irrational homer:

10. Jonathan Baldwin


Even at number 10, it was hard to include Jonathan Baldwin on this list.  He is an unproven rookie at this point in his career.  In my Chiefs optimism, I can envision him being the biggest difference maker on the Chiefs roster, even if he doesn't rocket out the gate with 100 yard games.  The fact is, the Chiefs offense is already so potent, that Jonathan Baldwin's mere presence is going to make this football team.

Jonathan Baldwin is 6' 5" and 225 lbs, and he has awesome talent (watch.)  Other teams, are not going to be able to ignore that, and if they do Jonathan Baldwin can and will burn them.  He, has great size, blazing speed, and catches the ball reminiscent of Randy Moss.  

Sure, Todd Haley is going to be all over the young rookie, but in Kansas City that is a good thing for your career.  Just ask Dwayne Bowe and Derrick Johnson about that.  If nothing else Jonathan Baldwin is going to open up things in third down situations for Dwayne Bowe and the rest of the Chiefs excellent offense.  Watch and see!


9.) Dustin Colquitt


How can you leave Dustin Colquitt off of this list, he is one of the best punters in the league, and he excels at placing the ball in the 20.  The Chiefs don't get a lot of third down conversions, and that is where our hero Dustin Colquitt comes into play. One of the reasons Dustin isn't in the Pro Bowl every year is because he is such an excellent touch punter.

Dustin Colquitt does exactly what the Chiefs ask him to do, and that is punt for position.  They don't really ask him to have the highest net average in the league.  However, I am sure if that is what the Chiefs were looking for, then Colquitt would be able to do it very well.  

8.) Tony Moeaki


Showing the picture of his one handed catch against San Francisco is where it is at, making some people think that Tony Moeaki is overrated because after all, it was just one spectacular catch.  Where is David Tyree playing these days?  Someone might ask, just to make a point about special catches.

What is underrated about TOMO, is his all around game.  Look at the picture up above.  They say Tony Moeaki is a great knee bender on the line, what do you think.  He gets in his position correctly, explodes out of his stance, blocks exceptionally well for an often injured (in college) rookie tightend, and he plays through the whistle.

Not to mention, he seems to be clutch, just look at his overtime game versus the Buffalo Bills last season for proof of that.  Tony Moeaki is an exciting football player, he definitely belongs on this list, seeing how he took over for Tony Gonzalez.  I think number eight is a good place for him, because right now it seems he has about half of number 88's potential.

7.) Glenn Dorsey


Glenn Dorsey had a lot of expectations coming out.  He was drafted fifth overall in the 2008 NFL Draft.  Tagged with the over used best defensive linemen in the last 20 years that the "experts" throw out there every year.  Much like they do with the word genius and decent Offensive Coordinators during a good winning stretch.

Is Glenn Dorsey the best lineman in the past 20 years? No.

Though he is one of the best players on the Chiefs and requires being double teamed consistently by opposing offenses.  It is my belief that with the additions of Justin Houston, Allen Bailey, and Jerrell Powe that Glenn Dorsey will be a Pro Bowl defensive lineman.  Maybe even an All-Pro, if Tyson Jackson breaks out of his shell and stays healthy.

Glenn has improved every year, and I expect this to be his break out season, and by this time next year all the misplaced trade Dorsey talk will cease.

6.) Derrick Johnson


When Derrick Johnson was drafted, I was one of the many fans of Chiefs Nation that was absolutely thrilled.  What a selection, he was our guy that we wanted the Chiefs to trade up and get.  Though he just kept falling down the draft board until the Chiefs picked him up.

Early on in DJ's career it looked as if the Chiefs made a bad move and the other teams were smart for passing up on this athletic linebacker from Texas.  However in 2010, DJ played like a man possessed.  Sure, he still disappeared on occasion, but for the most part, during the stretch of 17 games, Johnson played like an All-Pro

5.) Dwayne Bowe


Dwayne Bowe was the most improved player on the Chiefs team in 2010.  After Herman Edwards left the team, Dwayne really regressed, he fueded with Haley for the better part of the 2009 season.  Todd Haley was constantly on Bowe on the sidelines and in any viewable practices.  In 2010 it paid off, Dwayne started to listen to Todd Haley and even joined in on the now semi-famous Camp Larry Fitzgerald.

This past season, Dwayne Bowe ran more consistent routes, he caught the ball with his hands instead of his body, and overall he just looked more focused.  Dwayne has always had potential and it was shown this year big time with 15 TD's, and if he does that again. Do you think it will be hard to argue that D. Bowe isn't the best player on the roster?

4.) Tamba Hali


Tamba Hali, with his patented TambaHawk chop is a QB head hunter.  On seemingly every pass play, Tamba was close to the QB.  He made Peyton Manning run for his life at Lucas Oil Stadium last season, and almost finished the year as the undisputed sack king.

The Chiefs need to get Tamba Hali locked into a big contract as soon as a new CBA is done, or a team will try and trade for this this absolute motor powered beast.  With the new draftees, Glenn Dorsey's Pro Bowl season, and Tyson Jackson shaping up, I believe that will give Tamba the chance to be the sack king again this year.  I would say the 3-4 LB experiment worked out incredibly well.

3.) Eric Berry


Speaking of incredible, Eric Berry is "The Incredible One".  Just look at this athlete in that picture above, great form.  Eric Berry was a pitcher in high school, but he gave it up for football early on.  I have a feeling that had he stayed in the sport he would be an All-Star instead of Pro-Bowler.

Though, I am glad he made the change because that would mean that he wouldn't be a Kansas City Chief right now. Oh, and what a Chief he is, he is one of the most exciting players on the field.  Capable of making a big hit one moment and taking one back to the house for a "Pick 6" the next.

Eric Berry has out standing body control for a guy his size, he will hit like a train, and juke someone out of their shoes in the same drive.  This man will be the best defender in the league within two years, and smile Chiefs fan because he's on our side.  

2.) Brandon Flowers


ESPN's John Clayton wrote a story including Brandon Flowers as one of the most under rated players in the league.  Because not only is he arguably the best Chief, the guy is the best CB in the league.  Darelle Revis and Nmandi Asomugha are in the conversation and might be better pure cover corners than Brandon Flowers.  

However, Brandon is a much better tackler, and more physical in my opinion, coming off of the line of scrimmage against great receivers like Andre Johnson.  After only missing one tackle the entire season, even hobbled for part of it, I feel that B-Flow will have an awesome 2011 and will not be snubbed again.

1.) Jamaal Charles


I posted this picture of Charles receiving an award, because he wins it all in this Top 10 for me.  How can you argue a man that is almost breaking Jim's Records.  Jim Brown is often referred to as the greatest running back of all-time.  Guys, get excited that we have Jamaal Charles on the Chiefs.  6.4 YPC, sounds so much better than 2.7 doesn't it Larry Johnson?

What can I say that hasn't already been repeated in a million different stories.  Jamaal Charles is my Top 10 winner, because he is simply better than every defense when he has the ball in his hands, and is borderline unstoppable.

Uhhh?  Blinders didn't you leave ________ off the list and what about Matt Cassel, he was in the Pro Bowl?


Guys, that is the best part.  It is hard just to name 10 players on the Chiefs team to simply call the best.  Look at this list of names left that I was choosing from (in no particular order):

Kendrick Lewis

Thomas Jones

Brandon Carr

Dexter McCluster

Matt Cassel

Javier Arenas

Branden Albert

Justin Houston

Wallace Gilberry

Ryan Lilja

Brian Waters

Jerrell Powe (Yeah I know he is a 6th rounder, but tell me you didn't want him in the 2nd or 3rd.)

Rodney Hudson

You can make a case for all of them to be in the Top 10, depending on your perspective of potential versus production.  These Kansas City Chiefs are going to be very good, and I know the schedule is going to be brutal, but they have the talent, and the coaching to go head to head with the big boys, and they will this season.

Yes I am irrational, but I know for certain that these Chiefs are ready for the big time now, not in 2012, 2013, 2453.  They are ready to go, you win in the NFL when the window is open.  Because, in the blink of an eye, that window snaps shut and you are rebuilding again.  

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