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PFW Ranks Chiefs' Todd Haley As 19th Best Coach In NFL

Pro Football Weekly recently ranked all 32 NFL head coaches and Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley came in at No. 19. Considering Haley has had one bad season and one good season, I think a middle-of-the-road ranking like this is fair.

Here's PFW's blurb on Haley:

Seems like he can't help himself in terms of wanting control.

My response: Played. Out. Storyline.

In year one, I could agree with that statement but year two didn't make me think Haley had a ton of control issues. That said, first impressions mean a lot in the NFL and that's the side of Haley many people know. Who knows, I could be wrong and Haley comes out in 2011 as a control freak.

In the AFC West, Oakland Raiders' Hue Jackson comes in at No. 30, San Diego Chargers' Norv Turner comes in at No. 15 and Denver Broncos' John Fox comes in at No. 12.

Number of wins for Haley in 2010: 10. Number of wins for Turner and Fox combined in 2010: 11.

Just sayin'.

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