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Overrated/Underrated: Kansas City Chiefs Edition

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Pete Prisco of went through all 32 NFL teams and named one overrated player and one underrated player. Perhaps the most surprising on the list is Pittsburgh Steelers S Troy Polamalu, who he calls overrated.

Yep, that's the 2010 NFL defensive player of the year. Overrated?

For the Kansas City Chiefs, Prisco identifies QB Matt Cassel as overrated and CB Brandon Carr as underrated.

On Cassel, he writes, "I know he did some good things last season, but I think the real Cassel showed up in the playoff loss to the Ravens."

On Carr, he writes, "I really like Brandon Flowers, the other corner, but this kid came on strong late last season. The 2012 season might be his chance to break out.

I'm not sure I agree with the Cassel one. Is he really overrated? I feel like he gets a decent amount of criticism around the league so I'm not sure how he can be overrated. 

I do, however, agree with the Carr assessment. People are starting to recognize Flowers as one of the best corners in the league but nobody talks about Carr. If forced to choose between the two in the long-term, I may even go with Carr because he would probably be a cheaper option providing more bang for your buck.

So let's put this up to you. Give us one overrated Chief and one underrated Chief.

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