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Kansas City Chiefs Ranked 11th Best Organization In NFL

Every year Adam Schein of ranks each organization in the NFL based on six categories: owner, quarterback, head coach, front office, coaching staff and intangibles. The intangibles include facilities, fan support and public relations.

In 2009, the Chiefs came in 20th. In 2010, they came in 18th. In 2011, the Chiefs game in....

Drum roll please....


Not bad, huh? Here's what Schein says:

The Chiefs at 11? How about that? Look mom, I'm on TV! The Chiefs have four primetime games this year, showing that they are back in business. Scott Pioli is a great general manager. Todd Haley did a great job last year as head coach, but needs to learn not to be so aggressive on fourth down while in field-goal range. And with Charlie Weis out, it is going to be interesting to watch the Haley/Matt Cassel relationship.

The Chiefs scored highest on front office, which gained a 9.5 out of 10, and the coaching staff had an eight out of 10. The others -- owner, quarterback, head coach and intangibles -- received a six out of 10. 

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