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More Hype For The Berry Brothers

We've mentioned the twin brothers of Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry a number of times because they're already gaining some publicity early in their football careers. Evan and Elliott have gone through just one year of high school but they've already seen their names pop up in places like and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The AJC recently ran a story on the Berry brothers and said they would be a "package deal" wherever they went to school. From what people have been saying about these two, that's one hell of a package. 

Many predict that the Berry twins are "locks" for Tennessee because of family ties but they claim it's not true. "My brother is his own person; we're going to make our own decisions," Elliott said. "Our brother and our dad want us to pick the school that is the best fit for us. It may be Tennessee or it may be another school. We'll just have to see."

Basically, these two can't even drive yet and they're more famous than me. So if the NFL lockout continues, we can always track the Berry brothers recruiting trail instead of the NFL.

Check out the full story to see who's interested in the Berry brothers. 

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