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Kansas City Chiefs May Have Been Outdone Here

We've talked about how much the Kansas City Chiefs have donated to the tornado relief efforts in Joplin, Mo. They started off with cash ($35,000) and then started to load into semi-trailers pallet upon pallet of bottled water and other items needed for the relief efforts.

They've given a lot and they've also encouraged others to give a lot as they continue to bring awareness to the situation. They're to be commended.

They are not, however, the most unusual source of help in the Joplin area.

That would go to this elephant -- yes, elephant -- from the Piccadilly Circus, who came to Joplin last weekend to help remove cars from the wreckage.

The description of the video, which was brought to our attention by The Pitch, says:

While volunteering in Joplin May 28-29, we saw this very unusual sight. An Elephant being used to drag vehicles closer to the street so they can be removed. They were from the Picadilly Circus who where scheduled to perform but had to be cancel due to the venue being used as a hospital for Joplin victims.

Most of you probably can't donate an elephant to help but you can help out in your own way at

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