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More Examples Of Jamaal Charles' Awesomeness

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I hope none of you are getting tired of stories that basically say, 'Wow, Jamaal Charles is great!' That's because we have another one of those this morning. (And yesterday we had the rare 'Jamaal Charles isn't that great' story.)

Some of you have seen the story floating around from Pro Football Focus, the stats-based website that loves the Kansas City Chiefs running back. PFF has an entire story dedicated to talking about how awesome Charles was last season.

  • He got positive yardage on 89% of his runs; nearly half of them going for at least 5 yards and 20% were scampers of 10 or more yards.     
  • Charles made big plays (graded +1.0 or better) on 6% of his carries compared to [Adrian] Peterson who did it on 4%. 
  • His eight yards per carry in [the Seahawks] game were a remarkable accomplishment. He had at least three yards on 20 of his 22 carries, and seven or more yards on half of them. 

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