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Patriots' Matt Light Floated As Free Agent Possibility For Chiefs

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A number of people have mentioned New England Patriots OT Matt Light as a possibility for the Kansas City Chiefs if free agency ever comes this year. 

ESPN's Mike Reiss is one of those people.

If I'm Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, left tackle Matt Light makes a lot of sense as a top free-agent target on a two- or three-year deal. The Chiefs need to protect Matt Cassel better. While I expect the Patriots to still keep lines of communication open with Light, a team with a greater need like the Chiefs could up the bidding to a level the Patriots don't want to go.   

Light makes sense as a free agency option for the Chiefs (which is why I mentioned it in the SB Nation team needs post on the Chiefs). 

The Chiefs tend to go after guys like Light. Pioli is familiar with him, he's 31 years old so he won't be one of the guys highly pursued in the first 24 hours of free agency and he could be an upgrade. 

Reiss is an excellent reporter and knows Pioli so I don't think this suggestion is too far-fetched.