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Location Matters For Kansas City Chiefs Player Workouts

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As you know by now, Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is organizing player workouts for a handful of players on the team. He told the KC Star last week that he's got a handful of players working out with him and he hopes more will begin to come as the offseason moves on.

The Chiefs only have a few guys working out at this point while other teams have been able to draw a large number of guys to their workouts. 

So what's the deal? Why don't the Chiefs have more guys working out in KC on a regular basis?

As Ms. Primetime and I have learned this week looking for our first house, part of the reason could be location, location, location. NFL Network's Albert Breer noted that guys in Miami and Dallas have a large attendance at workouts because a large number of their players live there year-round.

That's not the case with a lot of Chiefs players. Many of them don't live in Kansas City because...well, KC isn't that desirable for a 20-something at the top of his tax bracket. (And that's one reason that it's a very desirable place for ME to live.)

Rewind back to March, there was a hubbub about some Chiefs players not participating in "Read Across America" day shortly before the lockout. The Chiefs said that's because a number of their players don't even live in Kansas City.

It's not a big deal either way but the players' offseason homes are one possible reason we may not see a large attendance at the Chiefs player-organized practices.

Who knows....maybe the Chiefs surprise us and have 40-plus players show up this offseason.