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Chiefs Depth Chart Projection: DT Jerrell Powe

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The Kansas City Chiefs used a sixth round pick on DT Jerrell Powe out of Ole Miss and the second I saw it I knew the fan base would love it. Fans have been talking about a nose tackle for some time but the Chiefs continued to pass on selecting one until the 199th pick in the 2011 NFL draft. Powe represents great value and, physically, isn't a major project. He's big and strong so I think his biggest learning curve will come in understanding the nuances of the pro game.

The Chiefs current nose tackle situation is...well, we don't know what it is. With the labor situation, the Chiefs haven't been able to re-sign any of their guys. That means the only nose tackle actually under contract right now is Anthony Toribio. The Chiefs could choose to re-sign Ron Edwards and possibly even Shaun Smith (but he really played defensive end, not nose tackle).

My prediction is that the Chiefs re-sign Edwards, start him and allow Toribio and Powe to compete behind him. Edwards played a ton last year so the Chiefs could use a couple of younger, fresher bodies behind him to rotate in. Ideally, this allows the Chiefs to remain competitive with a vet like Edwards taking many of the snaps yet at the same time bringing along a couple of the younger guys with more snaps.

Edwards is getting up there in age but he's also highly productive in terms of snaps played. He doesn't get injured much and stays on the field. The key will be bringing him back with the understanding that Toribio and/or Powe are the future at nose tackle.

So my prediction has Powe starting out as the low man on the totem pole at nose tackle and competing with Toribio to take playing time away from Edwards.