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Chiefs Depth Chart Projection: FB Shane Bannon

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The Kansas City Chiefs made nine draft picks in the 2011 NFL Draft and we're going to start figuring out where these guys currently fit on the roster. Granted, the Kansas City Chiefs' roster isn't exactly complete, with the NFL lockout prohibiting some players from officially signing. But we're going to talk about the Chiefs' depth chart anyway.

Today, to kick off the series, we start with the No. 223 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft: Yale FB Shane Bannon.

Bannon has been described in scouting reports as a combination player but his 13 catches last season for the Yale Bulldogs suggests Bannon will be more of a blocking player than an offensive weapon. 

Being a non-offensive, blocking fullback drafted in the 7th round of the NFL Draft doesn't exactly bode well for Bannon's chances to make this team. For a spot on the 53-man roster, Bannon will be competing with FB Mike Cox and potentially TE Leonard Pope, who is more of the in-line tight end than Tony Moeaki. 

I think you can safely say that Bannon likely won't beat out FB Mike Cox for the true fullback roster spot. The odds are stacked too high against him. Cox is a multi-year incumbent who already has the team's blessing. 

Even though Bannon has already said he'll play fullback in the NFL, things and positions can change. If Bannon was going to go more of the blocking tight end route, Leonard Pope would potentially be his competition. Again, I don't think Bannon wins out on this competition. Pope is a veteran and essentially part of Todd Haley's player crew. 

A lock of a real roster spot for Bannon forces me to project him as a special teams/practice squad player in the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs season. And with that said, with everything I've read about Bannon, it's entirely possible he makes the team as a special teams contributor. It will come down to the roster postion numbers whether or not Bannon makes the 53-man roster.

Quick thoughts on where Shane Bannon falls on the Kansas City Chiefs 2011 roster?