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Another Look At Chiefs 2011 Schedule After The NFL Draft

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A few weeks ago I took a look at the Kansas City Chiefs 2011 schedule and offered up 16 thoughts. Now that the 2011 NFL draft has come and gone, I'm taking another look at the Chiefs schedule but with some draft thoughts mixed in.

It looks like the only rookie starter the Chiefs will see is possibly QB Christian Ponder with the Minnesota Vikings. Other than that, we'll be seeing a lot of vets.

Here are 16 thoughts on the Chiefs schedule, post-draft edition:
  • Week 1 - Buffalo Bills: The Chiefs will get a look at the big Marcell Dareus. It looks like QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starter.
  • Week 2 - @ Detroit Lions: The Lions had one of the best drafts with three impact players in their first three picks -- DT Nick Fairley, WR Titus Young and RB Mikel Leshoure.
  • Week 3 - @ San Diego Chargers: The Chargers picked up DT Corey Liuget to man the middle.
  • Week 4 - Minnesota Vikings: This could be QB Christian Ponder here.
  • Week 5 - @ Indianapolis Colts: The Colts could not have a draft every year and still be competitive with QB Peyton Manning.
  • Week 6 - Bye
  • Week 7 - @ Oakland Raiders: The Raiders didn't pick up any instant impact players (maybe outside of C Stefan Wisniewski. The Chiefs will also face a couple of the fastest players out of this draft class (shocker with the Raiders).
  • Week 8 - San Diego Chargers (Monday Night): Rookies playing or not, this game will be awesome.
  • Week 9 - Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins decided not to go with a quarterback so we'll see them possibly with QB Chad Henne.
  • Week 10 - Denver Broncos: The return of No. 58 chasing No. 7 at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • Week 11 - @ New England (Monday Night): We'll see what the Chiefs missed out on in OT Nate Solder. And maybe if they blow the Pats out, we'll see QB Ryan Mallett.
  • Week 12 - Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday Night): This game will be awesome.
  • Week 13 - @ Chicago Bears: The Bears selected DT Stephen Paea in the second round, which is someone folks wanted the Chiefs to look at.
  • Week 14 - @ New York Jets: Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was believed to like DT Muhammad Wilkerson, the Jets first round pick.
  • Week 15 - Green Bay Packers: And the Chiefs will get a look at another player they passed on -- OT Derek Sherrod.
  • Week 16 - Oakland Raiders: We'll see how fast the Raiders draft picks are in the snow.
  • Week 17 - @ Denver Broncos: Fitting end to the season with the Chiefs trying to shut down Miller.