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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/7

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Good morning, Chiefs fans! Today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet is here for your review. Enjoy.

Coaches not talking to players, teams not able to sign free agents and no practice could be a show stopper, something that would knock a program back a square or two.

But you reap what you sow, so Haley engrained it, but lately he's been barred from refining it. Lockout or not, Matt Cassel is proof that Haley's culture is taking root.

Matt Cassel isn't letting the stoppage end what they learned last year. Instead of waiting, Cassel, with others, took charge and want to practice. Cassel's taken the initiative with the newbies and gave rookie Baldwin a message.

Glad to have you, get settled, grab your shoes and get to Kansas City. There's work to do.

Haley's Lessons Are Sinking In With Players from The Examiner


A scout for an AFC team - "We took him off our board after the positive test, but not just because of that. He tested positive two years before and didn't learn from that. Plus, you watch him play and there are too many times when he doesn't go full speed. The ball goes away from him and he'll stand and watch. He's not a first-round pick."

A scout for an NFC team - "Boom or bust with this guy. If you grade him on physical abilities and he's one of the best athletes in the draft. Add in his personality stuff and intangibles and you've got to wonder whether he can keep it together enough. Very immature and the test at the Combine was very disappointing."

Player Profile - LB Justin Houston from Bob Gretz

As any parent knows, it can be challenging to engage a 9-year-old during a visit to a history museum -- especially one illustrating such complex issues as global politics and the decisions of war and peace.

The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, however, is looking to change that with a little help from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Today, the museum debuts its new Family Guide, a 14-page booklet that sends children on a scavenger hunt through the museum's world-class collection. Made possible by a donation from the Kansas City Chiefs, the guide is a free resource available to all families who visit the museum.

Kansas City Chiefs Help National World War I Museum  Score Touchdown With Younger Audiences from Press Release Central

The Kansas City Chiefs held a conference call with season ticket owners on Thursday to announce higher parking prices and new parking lot opening times.

The fee to park at Arrowhead Stadium on game day will increase $5, to $27 per car. The Chiefs said $4.50 of the $5 increase will go to Jackson County, as required when they negotiated their lease with the county in 2006.

Chiefs Unveil New Parking Plans for Next Season from KMBC

A clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals' 8th Circuit told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter he doesn't anticipate a ruling before Monday on whether the lockout will remain in place temporarily while a permanent ruling is decided.

The 8th Circuit in St. Louis will hear oral arguments June 3 on the NFL's request to put its labor lockout in place until a new deal is worked out.

But first, judges Duane Benton, Kermit Bye and Steven Colloton will rule on whether to maintain the temporary stay they issued last Friday, a decision the clerk, Michael Gans, said Friday is not imminent.

Lockout Stay Ruling Not Expected Before Monday from ESPN

For David Price, it was his father. Except Price's father wasn't there, having passed away before Price's Hall of Fame moment.

"He would've loved to be here," said Price, a 1978 Quakertown graduate and graduate of Lock Haven who is now the head athletic trainer of the Kansas City Chiefs. "My parents never missed a game, even if it meant driving all the way to Erie. My father drove three hours to Bloomsburg to see me play in a junior varsity game. He would just show up. He would be so proud right now."

Unsung Heroes Have Their Night at Pennridge-Quakertown Hall Ceremony from

On Friday at Crofton Woods Elementary School, an NFL player will speak to kids about the dangers of playing in mines.

In Crofton.

Thomas Jones, a Kansas City Chiefs running back and son of a coal miner, is the national spokesman for "Stay Out - Stay Alive."

It's hard to disagree with the message: Kids shouldn't play in abandoned mines.

The FLip Side: Coal Miners of Crofton from The Annapolis Capital