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Chiefs Draft Pick Allen Bailey Had A First Or Second Round Grade Last Year

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We've been talking a lot about value lately as it relates to the 2011 NFL draft. WR Jonathan Baldwin was viewed as a reach by some while DE Justin Houston was viewed as great value -- a third round pick with first round talent. Similarly, QB Ricky Stanzi was seen as someone that could have gone as high as the end of the second round but ultimately went to the Chiefs in the fifth round.

Another potentially solid value came in the form of third round pick DE Allen BaileyIn a pre-draft interview with Draft Countdown (H/T tomahawk44), Bailey said he spoke with the NFL's advisory committee prior to the 2010 NFL draft and they indicated he would be a late first or early second round pick.

The NFL's Underclassmen Advisory Panel gives prospects a realistic idea of where they might be drafted if they choose to come out early. (They are perhaps most well known for reportedly giving QB Jake Locker a second round grade last year when ESPN's Todd McShay was touting him as a possible No. 1 overall pick.)

So if the advisory panel is correct, then that means Bailey's 2010 college football season didn't go as well as some thought knocking his value down or the Chiefs got a hell of a value. 

Of course, it's also possible they just didn't know what they were talking about. Sort of the same idea as doing 2012 mock drafts right now -- a year can change quite a bit.