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Taking Another Look At Chiefs' Decision To Draft QB Ricky Stanzi

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The Kansas City Chiefs used their fifth round pick on QB Ricky Stanzi out of Iowa. It was an exciting pick because a lot of Chiefs fans were predicting it could happen. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said following the draft that the team wanted to get to the point where they're drafting quarterbacks every year, which is an interesting statement.

From what I can see, there are two reasons to draft a quarterback every year (or nearly every year). We've talked about this a little bit but I had it on my mind this morning (and it's something Bob Gretz talked about today, too)

First, it's about having a competent backup. Last year, QB Brodie Croyle didn't look very good at all in one appearance for the injured QB Matt Cassel. In fact, he looked down right awful. Croyle has never won a game for the Chiefs and, if anyone knows the importance of a capable backup quarterback, it's Pioli, Cassel and the Chiefs. Anyone remember how the Chiefs came to trading for Cassel? QB Tom Brady went down, Cassel stepped in and the Patriots season wasn't ruined as they went on to win 11 games (although they didn't make the playoffs). You can't let one player going down ruin your season.

Second, it's about creating future value. Remember, the New England Patriots drafted Cassel with a seventh round pick and four years later flipped him for a second round pick. If Cassel stays healthy (and effective), then I can see a scenario where a couple of solid preseasons from Stanzi begins to raise some interest in him. ESPN's Mike Reissrecently talked about this idea with the Patriots backup quarterbacks QB Brian Hoyer and QB Ryan Mallett.

The Patriots control Hoyer's rights through at least 2012, and if Hoyer has a big preseason, it makes sense to think there would be trade intrest from QB-needy clubs. If that turns out to be the case, the Patriots have another quarterback ready to fill the No. 2 spot.    

There is no bargaining chip more significant than a quarterback that can play. The Chiefs probably wouldn't mind having some suitors for Stanzi in a couple of years.