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Checking In On A Few NFL Rumors

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The Kansas City Chiefs don't have a lot of rumors surrounding their team but that doesn't mean those rumors aren't happening around the rest of the league. This isn't Chiefs-related but I wanted to take a look at a few of the quarterbacks around the league and where they could end up. It's a slow Chiefs news day.

Kyle Orton: There's a report out there tying him to the Cardinals but, apparently, Orton is just the Cards' "Plan B" behind Kolb. They could be ready to compete if they had a competent quarterback so I think either of these guys will be in play. WR Larry Fitzgerald is entering the final year of his deal and Arizona needs to convince him to come back. I imagine another five-win season wouldn't do that. The Vikings make sense to me if the Cards go after Kolb and get him. Orton could succeed quickly there. 

Kevin Kolb: He'll be the cream of the crop when it comes to talking about quarterback trades. He'll cost at least a first round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles and it sounds like the Eagles will entertain offers for him. There's reportedly already a first round pick on the table when the lockout is lifted. It sounds like he has similar value to Matt Cassel. I would guess he ends up in Arizona.

Donovan McNabb: He reportedly has a $10 million roster bonus early in the league year so it's hard to see how he returns to the Washington Redskins. The Arizona Cardinals would seem to make sense but apparently they're not interested in him. Where does he go? I can't give a good guess here. Minnesota maybe, although those in Minnesota seem to doubt it.

Matt Hasselbeck: Will he be back with the Seattle Seahawks? People close to him suggest he's not going back but the Seahawks didn't draft a quarterback and have done nothing to suggest they want Hasselbeck to leave. In fact, their offensive coordinator recently told him that they want him back. He'd be a good fit for a team that needs a one or two year fix at quarterback but I'll guess the Seahawks bring him back for another year.

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