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Gus Johnson, CBS Could Be Parting Ways

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Yesterday, Richard Deitsch of reported that CBS and sports announcer Gus Johnson had parted ways. The word is that Johnson and CBS could not work out a new contract, as Johnson's current deal was expiring: has learned that CBS Sports recently parted ways with Gus Johnson, a play-by-play mainstay on its college basketball coverage for 16 years, after the two sides could not agree on a new deal. Johnson has also worked as a play-by-play voice for the network's NFL coverage since 1998.

But Bob Raismann of the NY Daily News says that report may be premature. PFT notes:

Raissman reports that, as Deitsch reported, Johnson's deal with CBS has expired. Raissman reports that Johnson has received an offer from FOX to handle NFL and Pac-12 play-by-play duties. But Raissman also reports that the offer from FOX has not yet been presented to CBS, and that CBS will have one week to match it.

So our morning question to you AP readers is: Gus Johnson calling NFL and March Madness games on CBS or Gus Johnson calling NFL and Pac-12 games for Fox? Hmmm.....this one is tough.....

I know plenty of Kansas City Chiefs fans love the guy. I think Johnson is a pretty good play caller but he doesn't reach cult status for me. 

Still, I love this call of an Eric Berry INT by Johnson. Great stuff.