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Chiefs' Clark Hunt Addresses Offensive Line Question

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Gotta love Kansas City Chiefs fans.

You're on a conference call with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owner Clark Hunt. It's an opportunity that doesn't come along very often and especially pertinent given the state of the NFL right now.

You can ask any question. There's the NFL's labor situation, the cost of tickets or even why Time Warner can't get their act together and get NFL Network.

So what's your question going to be?

For one season Chiefs season ticket holder residing in enemy territory, Denver -- his name is Charles -- the question was: What plans do the Chiefs have to shore up the offensive line?

Hunt is the ultimate authority on what goes down at One Arrowhead Drive but this is probably a question best fit for GM Scott Pioli. Nevertheless, Hunt took a stab at addressing the offensive line.

"As we went into the draft this year, there were a number of areas that we felt we could improve the football," Hunt said. "In fact, our general manager felt there was an opportunity at practically every position. In the second round, we did take an offensive linemen from Florida State, Rodney Hudson. One of the most decorated offensive linemen in the country and perhaps Florida State's greatest offensive lineman ever.

"We feel that he'll have a chance to come in and help us very early in the center/guard position. Clearly, at some point, we will have an opportunity with college free agents and also pro free agents to bolster the line as well. I understand your concern. It is an area that we're focused on. We took one step in the draft with Rodney but I think you'll see some more moves as we move into free agency."

So Hunt predicts more offensive line moves if/when free agency comes. This doesn't come as a shocker because....well, the Chiefs have to add someone. They have just six offensive linemen under contract right now, including T Bobby Greenwood and G Daryl Harris, who haven't been able to contribute much on the field in KC. They could re-sign a couple of their own guys as well but, as Hunt suggests, look for them to take a peek at a player (or more) in free agency.