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Roger Goodell Updates Chiefs Fans On Status Of Labor Negotiations

Mitch Holthus moderated a conference call with Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Chiefs season ticket holders on Thursday morning and the first question had to do with -- what else -- the labor negotiations.

Deb, a 37-year season ticket holder, kicked things off asking Goodell a simple question: Are we making any progress in the labor negotiations?

"Unfortunately," Goodell said on the call, "I don't think we're making much progress in negotiations because they're really not happening. Right now it's in a litigation phase. The union is pursuing that and we're defending that. Right now it's in a series of hearings and there will be another hearing in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on June 3rd.

"Unfortunately, there's not enough negotiations and that's where it will ultimately get back to, where this will get resolved and end in a collective bargaining agreement."

Mr. Goodell is a sharp man referring to the players as a union despite the fact that they decertified as a union. One of the themes throughout the Q&A from both Goodell and Hunt is that the owners want to get out of the courtroom and back to the negotiating table.

Another one of the common themes throughout the call was the fans stating clearly that they just wanted to see football, regardless of how the rest of it works out.

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