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Chiefs Did The Research On Their First Round Pick

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli talked with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty on 810 WHB's Border Patrol this morning going over all things NFL draft. He went in-depth on the situation with Baltimore allowing the clock to run out saying things, "That's what really gets your adrenaline going."

Definitely check out the full audio at because he gave a good explanation of what went down behind the scenes. Pioli also noted that, on their first round pick WR Jonathan Baldwin, they did plenty of research.
"Everyone has heard, some of the noise I'll call it, that's come out of there and we have been so thorough on the research," Pioli told Steven and Nate. "We know a lot of people within that program at the University of Pittsburgh. We did our work not only at the University of Pittsburgh but in Aliquippa. We spent a lot of time with the player. We had him in, we interviewed him -- we spent a lot of time with him.

"Here's what we know: This is a guy that's a tremendous athlete, really cares about football, and is one of the hardest workers in the Pitt program but one of the hardest workers in what is a strong traditional high school football."

It's interesting (but not surprising) that those connected to Baldwin have had great things to say about his work ethic. His high school coach says he has terrific work ethic, Pitt's director of football ops said this week that he didn't have character issues and Dave Wannstedt also had great things to say about he'll fit in in Kansas City.

I think Pioli's point is that they didn't go into these decisions blindly despite some of the post-draft "noise" he talked about. And if Carl the Janitor is any indication of how he operates, the Chiefs dug deep to figure out who he is.