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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Begins Process For 2012 NFL Draft

Maybe a 2012 NFL mock draft in May 2011 isn't so early after all.

The 2011 NFL draft has been over for less than a week and already Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is looking to the 2012 NFL draft. Pioli appeared on 610 Sports with Bob and Bob Bob Fescoe and Josh Klinger on Thursday morning and said the process of preparing for next year's draft has already begun.

"Right now we're in the process of prepping for free agency whenever that starts," Pioli said, "because there will be rookie free agency and veteran free agency. There are going to be hundreds of players that have to be signed to get to roster players.

"And, truthfully, we're working on the 2012 draft. We had all the scouts when they come in and, just to explain the process a little bit, while they're out doing pro days for draft-eligible players for the 2011 NFL draft, they're starting to gather information for guys on next year's draft."

So we're getting our list together for next year's draft. We're onto 2012 already."

Geez. I know this is a year-round job it seems crazy to already be thinking about 2012. Think of all the work that goes into one three-day weekend.

Check out the full audio of Pioli's segment at

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