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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/5

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Good morning and welcome to Arrowheadlines! We have some good stories in today's Kansas City Chiefs news. There are articles on Cassel and getting the offseason started, some updates on current players, and an interview with Bannon that includes some game film. Read on and enjoy.

The calendar says May, which to quarterback Matt Cassel means it's time to start throwing. So, with the NFL lockout in place, he called some of his friends.

Chiefs wide receivers Dwayne Bowe and Jerheme Urban and tight end Brad Cottam were among the first to answer the call. They joined Cassel this week in Kansas City for some informal pitch-and-catch sessions at a local high school.

That's about all the Chiefs can get done while they are barred from entering the team's practice facility because of the owner-imposed lockout.

Cassel Spearheads Independent Practices from KC Star

In the last few days I've been on the phone with folks around the league who prepared for this draft and know all the bodies big and small, draftable and free agents. I wasn't looking for anybody to grade the Chiefs '11 Draft. Rather, I wanted to know where other sources rated the players selected by the red and gold...

...My sources with three NFL teams were willing to share this basic information with me. I added to that a public source that is respected around the league, Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News. Believe me when I tell you that nobody has more phone numbers into NFL draft decision makers than Goose. Every year, a few days before the draft, he releases his top 100 rated players. I can tell you there are teams that check it out to make sure they haven't somehow undervalued somebody.

OK, so here are the pre-draft ratings of three teams and Goose of the players selected by the Chiefs.

Stuck On Value... Thursday Cup O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

May 3, 2011 - Ray says: Bob, (1.) Will the Chiefs put the best player on the field in every instance, even at the expense of respected leaders like Waters, Vrabel, and Wiegmann? (2.) Do you think it likely Wiegmann could stay on as a backup, teaching Hudson the ropes? (3.) Will KC bring in a veteran QB as insurance in case Cassel were to get injured? (4.) Could any of the current OLB's be moved to compete inside? If so who? (5.) What do you predict will be the depth chart at NT?

Bob says - (1.) I think the best overall player will be on the field 99 percent of the time. He may not be the best athlete, but being a top player isn't always about being the fastest and strongest. It means knowing what to do. There are not going to be many instances where Haley and his staff are going to stick with a player who keeps making mistakes no matter his 40-time.

Ask Bob - With New Answers 5/5 from Bob Gretz 

Jerrell Powe has barely spoken with his new coaches in Kansas City, after having been taken by the Chiefs in the sixth round of last week's draft. Yet he already has an assignment: lose some weight. Powe weighed in at the NFL Scouting Combine at 335 pounds, which the team believed was too large for his 6-foot frame. A classic nose tackle, Powe could be asked to play right away for a team that lacks playmakers in the middle of the defensive line.

Losing Weight Could Gain Chiefs' Powe Playing Time from Pro Football Weekly

In a small conference room in a big Kansas City hotel, a woman named Sylvia Mackey finishes talking about her husband. He's an NFL Hall of Famer whose Alzheimer's disease is now so bad she has to trick him into showering.

Just before Sylvia's story, a former NFL quarterback named Eric Hipple talks about the seven surgeries in his career and the failed suicide attempt after it. He was riding in the car with his wife when he wrote a note to her and jumped out.

This is all happening Wednesday night, at an event the NFL is sponsoring and calling "NFL Community Huddle: Taking a Goal Line Stand for Your Mind & Body." Many of the people listening are former professional football players.

We Need to Take Football Head Injuries More Seriously from KC Star

The Browns hauled in a bounty of draft picks from the Falcons when they moved down from pick No. 6 to pick No. 27. But a few hours later, when the Browns traded back up to get pick No. 21 from the Chiefs, Cleveland overpaid.

At least, the Browns overpaid according to the draft chart that NFL teams use as a rough approximation of the value of picks when trying to decide what makes for a fair trade.

Chart Says Chiefs Scored Big in Trading for Browns' Third Round Pick from Pro Football Talk

An evening of celebration and remembrance of athletic greatness throughout Americus and Sumter County will be highlighted which will also include the first ASCHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony...

...Pollock and former athletic directors and head football coaches Jimmy Hightower and Alton Shell, will acknowledge with honors, former NFL head coach, Dan Reeves (formerly, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons and New York Giants); and Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey.

Former NFL players being honored include: Victor Green (New York Jets, New England and New Orleans); Alonzo Jackson (Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants); Kent Hill (Los Angeles Rams and Houston Oilers); Leonard Pope (Arizona Cardinals and currently, Kansas City Chiefs); Otis Leverette (Miami Dolphins); Roy Don (Butch) Reeves (Houston Oilers); and Thomas Sims (Indianapolis Colts).

ASCHS to Hold Big Fundraiser May 20-21 from The Americus Times-Recorder

NFL players past and present are working to raise awareness about the serious short-term dangers and long-term effects of concussions.

For one former Kansas City Chief, the danger of head injuries is one that he knows first-hand.

"If somebody were to punch you in the shoulder a couple of times you could handle it, but if they did it for ten years you'd feel it after awhile," said Tom Baugh of the NFL Alumni Association. Baugh played as a center for the Chiefs in the late 1980's, and he says that he took plenty of hits.

Ex-Chiefs Glad NFL is Taking Concussions Seriously from Fox4KC

Many have said last week's tornado in Tuscaloosa happened for a reason, like everything else does.

For former Alabama football star LeRon McClain, there is a reason for the current NFL lockout - to aid victims of last week's tornado.

A week after narrowly avoiding the EF-5 tornado in his Midtown Village Condominium, the two-time NFL Pro Bowler began his first of many Tuscaloosa Relief events...

...Many high-profile athletes have jumped on board with McClain's efforts, including teammates Michael Oher and Ray Rice, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Frank Walker, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley, former Alabama and current Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Javier Arenas and many more. New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony is letting Tuscaloosa Relief host an event on Tuesday at his activity center in Baltimore.

LeRon McClain to Travel Counrty for Tuscaloosa Relief from The Crimson White

Determined, Bannon poured through hours of game tape, producing a highlight video. After running the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds, the Kansas City Chiefs were sold on the 270 pounder. KC picked the CT native in the 7th round.

"It was unbelievable, my mom started crying," Bannon said.

Grateful for the opportunity, Bannon is ready to get to work.

"They want me to play fullback. Being a fullback its a very limited role, so you definately have to develop yourself a little nitch in special teams as well, which I have no problem doing that," he said.

Yale's Bannon Prepares for the NFL from WTNH

Blaschke got a preview of what to expect during one his visits to Trinity when graduates and Victoria natives Jerheme and Caleb Urban spoke to recruits and their parents.

"From an athletic standpoint, it's pure passion in whatever sport," said Jerheme Urban, a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. "You're not paid and I think most athletes when they get there realize that the sand dial has been turned over and in four years will be empty. It's like a big family. I was able to build some great relationships."

Trinity Next Stop for Cuero's Blaschke from The Victoria Advocate