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Even Parrots Love The Kansas City Chiefs

This is a video of a parrot -- yes, a parrot -- saying "Go Chiefs Go" rather clearly. In the video, you can hear Kevin Harlan in the background announcing a game and this parrot is just loving it.

This video has to be doctored right? It's just too...perfect.

This may be one of the coolest pets I've ever seen. Seriously. You have your buddies over for a game, open a couple of beers, and then all of a sudden the parrot is cheering for the Chiefs? Brilliant.

Those of you that have experience with talking parrots, please let us know if this looks legit.

And for those wondering, yes I love the fact that my job has me watching talking Chiefs parrots on a Wednesday afternoon. Or is it Thursday. The days just kinda blend together now.

(H/T YouTube user thomasbcool)

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