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Odds On Jonathan Baldwin As Rookie Of The Year Released

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No, no, no. We're not suggesting Kansas City Chiefs rookie WR Jonathan Baldwin will win the AP rookie of the year award.

But there are odds out on that happening. released their latest set of odds on various odds and ends with the 2011 NFL season (if there is a season) and one of those was offensive rookie of the year. 

At the top of the list is Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton at 5/1 odds. He's followed by the top two receivers -- WR Julio Jones (11/2) and WR A.J. Green (13/2). 

Baldwin comes in at 20/1 odds on winning it. Receivers ahead of him include Jones, Green, WR Titus Young and WR Torrey Smith.

Running backs usually good shots at winning this because they touch the ball the most and that's evidenced by four running backs appearing in the top seven slots of Bodog's odds despite just one being drafted in the first round. 

Too high for Baldwin? Too low?

Full list is after the jump.

Cam Newton                              5/1       

Julio Jones                                11/2     

A.J. Green                                 13/2     

Mark Ingram                              15/2     

Mikel LeShoure                          12/1     

Shane Vereen                            14/1     

Stevan Ridley                            14/1     

Titus Young                               14/1     

Andy Dalton                              15/1     

Daniel Thomas                           15/1     

Jake Locker                               16/1

Torrey Smith                              16/1     

Christian Ponder                        18/1     

Ryan Williams                           18/1     

Randall Cobb                             20/1     

Jonathan Baldwin                       20/1     

Blaine Gabbert                           22/1     

Kyle Rudolph                             25/1     

Leonard Hankerson                    25/1